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V and W ~ Vest versus Waistcoat

Oh my word! I mean literally, oh my words! I started learning English more than a decade ago and still I can not tell the difference between a vest and a waistcoat. Every time I use one of these words I have to think and end up saying both of them. Do you have words like these? Please leave a comment and reassure me that I’m not the only one. Thank you.      

If Pigs Could Fly!

‘Willie, can you come here, please?’ called this woman across the hotel reception area where I worked. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I quickly ran into the tiny staff room. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know where to look. I hoped nobody heard that. What did she just say?!! She said ‘Willy’ the rude word! I was giggling inside, almost burst into laughing. Who would’ve thought my son would be called Billy another version of William then. That was eight years ago. Like that, my stories of adjusting to British culture continues.  Once I was offended by

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A Job Interview on Skype

  Can you hear me? IN THE DINING ROOM, ON PC TALKING TO A WEBCAM Sod:    Hello? Hello? Hello? Hellooooo? (Checks her top and hair in the camera) Now, I shouldn’t mix my P and F. … P…P…P…F…F…F Oh hi, hi, hi. Aye, my name is Sod. …  That’s  “S…O… D”.  …  Well, it’s quite usual where I come from!! (listens for a few seconds) You can’t see me? Oh, bugger, the camera not working then. Och, you want me to tell you about myself? Oh no! …. Well, I was born in … 1973 as the 10th child

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