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The Next Big Thing

I’ve been tagged in The Next Big Thing by fellow writer Moira McPartlin. Her first novel, The Incomers, was shortlisted for The Saltire Society First Book of the Year 2012. I read the Incomers and thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought back many memories of me coming to Britain for the first time. When I was tagged I didn’t know what NBT was about. Moira explained that it was a great way to connect with other bloggers and writers. So I thought I’d have a go at it. I’m asked by Moira to tell you all about my next book by

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Carnegie’s Call

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Carnegie’s Call’ by Michael Malone. Michael is from our writers’ club and this is his second book. The book is just out. I have to say I was looking forward to this book as I heard that this one was non-fiction and about successful people. I love reading about successful people. I know success is a strange word. It means different things for different people. While reading this book, I felt inspired and motivated to reach my goals and even started doing the exercises in the book. When I was in Mongolia, I knew

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The Creative Woman of the Year Award!

Last weekend I went to London, so excited to see the Mongolian singer Jargalsaihan’s concert. Well, ok I admit it I was excited because I was nominated for an award – Woman of the Year 2012 for Mongolians in Europe. This was the awards ceremony in Copthorne Hotel in Kensington I was going to. A few weeks earlier I had received a phone call from David Scott, the Honorary Consul for Mongolia in Scotland. He informed me about the awards ceremony and said he was going to nominate me for an award. I felt honoured. Yes, I was touched that

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Mongol we pride ourselves in Mongolia Mongo they laugh at each other in Britain Mothers cuddling their babies round the world Fathers cursing the ignorant and Trisomy 21   Mongol, Down called his observation in 1860’s More stupid than us, he clarified The world followed him, calling babies Mongols They knew none of it in Mongolia   Civilization is not a right to call names Civilization is not a permission to bully Developed, they say Did they, really?                

R is for R-word

Recently we have been thinking about how we can raise awareness on the word Mongol. So I started doing some research and came across the campaign to end the R-Word. I like this video, it’s powerful. How often do you hear this word? Does it mean anything to you?  

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