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Mongol we pride ourselves in Mongolia Mongo they laugh at each other in Britain Mothers cuddling their babies round the world Fathers cursing the ignorant and Trisomy 21   Mongol, Down called his observation in 1860’s More stupid than us, he clarified The world followed him, calling babies Mongols They knew none of it in Mongolia   Civilization is not a right to call names Civilization is not a permission to bully Developed, they say Did they, really?                

Why I write in English

why do you write in English? if I write in my mother tongue, my mother will read it if she reads my pain you know how mother’s love is her heart will ache it’s simple, I love her dearly why do you write in English? if I write in my native tongue, my father will read it if he reads my pain you know how father’s love is he might cry and cry it’s simple, I can’t let him cry   Read my blog for my son Billy here.


  I am sad because I hear the word ‘Mong.’ It’s mad. It’s the hate. It’s suffocating. Go talk to someone or shut up, or hug my sadness like a helpless child I need to speak. Well, it’s just a word they say just you get over it. Things happen for a reason. Better things to do, not my child. Not my disability. Chin up, shut up and forget. I’m sorry, it must’ve been awful to lose your child in your arms and the last breath and the coldness and you’re mourning after your son, ‘Mong’ is just a word,

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To Billy

You are my baby boy, my beautiful baby boy Billy’s forget me not flower Why was your visit so short? Was it the water that washed your golden hair? Was it the wind blew on your perfect face? Why was your visit so short? Was it the timing you were born? Was it the tantrums you saw in life? Why was your visit so short? Did you have a mission to complete? Did you have a message to deliver? Why was your visit so short? Do you know Mummy sang to you holding your hand? Do you know Daddy sat

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A poem for a goddaughter

To Rocio I will watch you grow and blossom  like a beautiful flower I will hold you and comfort you like your own mother I will be your eyes and guide you in dark times I will be your ears and whisper when you need direction I will be with you to celebrate happy times I will be beside you to ease any pain you go through I promise I will be there for you when you need me Guuye

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