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B is for Birth

  Birth brings us to life Birth defines who we are Birth changes us forever Birth challenges us in life Birth makes us parents Birth melts us in tears Birth reminds us faith Birth makes us call God Birth, beginning of life. Birth, power of miracle.    

A is for About

AboutAbout YouAbout MeAbout HerAbout HimAbout UsAbout ThemAbout EveryoneWeTalkListenWriteReadSpeakHearSingWhisperCryWorryLoveMissHateGossipLike LongAll about us.

Mummy, please don’t play that song

‘Mummy, please don’t play that song. It reminds me of my grandma and grandpa in Mongolia.’ said my daughter a few years ago. ‘I miss them.’ she continued. Who would’ve thought she felt the same way as me. I never thought of her missing my parents. I realised I avoided those songs, too. Leaving your parents and loved ones, going to the other side of the world is not easy. I guess everyone has a different reason to go and travel, and settle elsewhere. It was very hard to be in touch with my parents then. No mobile phones or

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