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People want to know about …

It’s a pleasure to be from or born and grew up in Mongolia. Especially when I live in Scotland where I meet lots of different people from many countries. So I get asked many interesting, funny, daft and strange questions. Here are some: -Where are you from? -Mongolia. -Mongolia, Europe? Mongolia, Africa? *** -Where are you from? -Mongolia. -My friend’s son is married to a girl from Philippines. *** -Where are you from? -Mongolia. -Oh really?! I thought it was a made up country! *** -Did you live in a yurt? -Yes. I did. -How fascinating. What language do you

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My favourite place

Everyone has a favourite place or time in their life. Mine is my parents’ ger, my childhood home. Waking up in our ger was a pretty sight. Our ger had a round window at the top of the ger called ‘toono.’ The toono was hand painted along with the supporting poles and the two columns. My particular happy space was being home in bed. My parents would whisper and chat away about whatever they needed to talk and the sound of their voices were like a soothing voice gently putting me to sleep. In the mornings, I would wake up

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The naked experience

November 10. 2007 I’m heading towards Perthshire to do the photo shoot on top of a mountain. Michael, the photographer is taking me and my friend Jackie there as he knew this place and it fitted in with what I wanted. It took me a lot to consider to take part in this project. My husband’s trust and confidence in me made the experience even more exciting for me. Although, I realised I was nervous, too. I’ve never been in front of a photographer/ artist before, never mind naked. What would people think?! I told my friends, some colleagues, my

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As part of the Edinburgh Book Festival, people were invited to write stories in one Tweet on Twitter. Here is one of mine: Grief chased me furiously ‘Give in’ it commanded me ‘God, help me’ I whispered God was elsewhere Grief snatched my baby boy

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Why Guuye?

Guuye is my name. It was my first ever name which I was addressed to as a baby. However, my official name is not Guuye. Why? It’s a lovely story. When I was born my parents were very happy as I was the first grandchild in both families. My parents didn’t have a name for me when I was born. It was normal not to have a name for a newborn baby then. My parents were in their early 20’s and just married a year earlier. A few days later my parents made a phone call to my ‘tall’ grandfather

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