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Eat, Play, Love

We sat down to have our Saturday dinner, the adventure packed burgers made by my husband. The turkey burgers were spiced with love and few other ingredients which my tongue failed to recognise. They were just delicious. ‘It’s quiet without No 2, isn’t it?’ my husband looked at me. ‘Yes.’ I agreed thinking about my six-year-old. ‘Shall we phone the Beaver leaders and ask how he is?’ The question that was ready to come out popped not wasting this opportunity. ‘We’d better leave it. It’s not fair on the leaders.’ my husband explained. I agreed with him. However, my chest

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9 Fun Facts Growing up in a Ger

Does happiness depend on how many rooms or how much you have? When I say I grew up in a ger some people think poverty. Well, I never starved of love. Here are the fun facts growing up in a ger: You never feel alone You are always in the same house wherever you move house There is no bed time different from adults You can see the stars through the window on top Everyone eats together facing each other because of the round shape In the summer, you can ‘see through’ the wall once the felt covers lifted up

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The Secret Language of Silence

As I mentioned in my previous post I am addicted to Twitter. I didn’t realise how much there is going on in the world and Twitter is my personalised window onto the world. So today @TrishaNicholson, one of my Twitter ‘tweeps’ as she calls everybody tweeted an article called An Infinite Noise by Daisy Hickman who writes on the Sunny Room Studio. This article was about silence… and it inspired me to write my own post on it … ‘What do you miss about Mongolia?’ asked my English teacher. After a few minutes of thinking ‘The silence’ I answered. That

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Busy bee

or Twitter shall I say? Well well Billy. You don’t believe how Mummy is addicted to Twitter. Your Daddy is feeling a bit left out. He does support Mummy a lot. Mummy is lucky. Your sister turned 13 last week and we had 5 of her friends came for a sleepover. They had fun. It’s so good to see your sister has many friends. Your big brother is well, he is enjoying school. Although he loves playing on the new PC we have now. Not only him, Mummy is on it quite a bit too. Saying that Ella is still

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