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An Award for My Blog!

Wow, my first award for my blog! I’m so excited and touched by Anne‘s gesture giving me this award. Anne lives in Glasgow and came across my blog recently and got in touch. Her own blog is a one that you read and makes you think and relate. It strums the different chords inside you and makes you laugh and smile observing the valuable moments in life.  I hope we will meet one day. Thank you Anne, for your beautiful words about my blog on your site. “Liebster” is a German word meaning “dearest” The award is given to up

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5 Good-to-Know Customs in Mongolia

When I left Mongolia over 10 years ago I never read any travel books and knew nothing about travelling and other cultures. I learnt through my experience. Here are some customs I had to alter and change living abroad. In Mongolia: 1. Shake hands if you stepped on someone’s toes. You can say ‘Uuchlaarai’ meaning ‘Sorry.’ 2. Spit over your left shoulder three times in order to avoid bad luck, either when you mention good luck that you have had in the past or when you mention hopes you have for the future. Similar to ‘touch wood’ in Britain or

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To Billy

You are my baby boy, my beautiful baby boy Billy’s forget me not flower Why was your visit so short? Was it the water that washed your golden hair? Was it the wind blew on your perfect face? Why was your visit so short? Was it the timing you were born? Was it the tantrums you saw in life? Why was your visit so short? Did you have a mission to complete? Did you have a message to deliver? Why was your visit so short? Do you know Mummy sang to you holding your hand? Do you know Daddy sat

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A poem for a goddaughter

To Rocio I will watch you grow and blossom  like a beautiful flower I will hold you and comfort you like your own mother I will be your eyes and guide you in dark times I will be your ears and whisper when you need direction I will be with you to celebrate happy times I will be beside you to ease any pain you go through I promise I will be there for you when you need me Guuye

A Job Interview on Skype

  Can you hear me? IN THE DINING ROOM, ON PC TALKING TO A WEBCAM Sod:    Hello? Hello? Hello? Hellooooo? (Checks her top and hair in the camera) Now, I shouldn’t mix my P and F. … P…P…P…F…F…F Oh hi, hi, hi. Aye, my name is Sod. …  That’s  “S…O… D”.  …  Well, it’s quite usual where I come from!! (listens for a few seconds) You can’t see me? Oh, bugger, the camera not working then. Och, you want me to tell you about myself? Oh no! …. Well, I was born in … 1973 as the 10th child

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