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Love is not enough

photo credit: Investing in Gold ‘Mum, how much is it to raise a child?’ asked my 13-year-old hardly closed the door behind her, came from school . ‘Well, I guess it depends on where they live and what they have.’ I answered realising I never thought about it before. She immediately started looking for information on the internet. After sorting out which country and where in the world how much it costs to bring up a child she exclaimed ‘Wow, you and dad would have been millionaires if you didn’t have any children.’ She really looked shocked by how much

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Letters from Patna Primary school

When I was feeding my baby girl I heard this thump in the hall. That was the postman delivering the post. I opened this heavy brown envelope addressed to me in a hurry. ‘Dear Mrs Ramsay I am writing to thank you for coming to our school and giving us a taste of Mongolian life…’ continued the letters. They were the most sincerely written letters I had ever read. I could tell they made huge effort in writing them. I was touched. They made me smile, laugh and almost cry. I could not believe how much they learnt from my

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