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  I am sad because I hear the word ‘Mong.’ It’s mad. It’s the hate. It’s suffocating. Go talk to someone or shut up, or hug my sadness like a helpless child I need to speak. Well, it’s just a word they say just you get over it. Things happen for a reason. Better things to do, not my child. Not my disability. Chin up, shut up and forget. I’m sorry, it must’ve been awful to lose your child in your arms and the last breath and the coldness and you’re mourning after your son, ‘Mong’ is just a word,

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Diary Entry -Emptiness

Hallo Billy. Mummy sat here for a while for the first time not sure how to start the blog post. It feels like writing a poem, perhaps in Mongolian, maybe in English. Mummy’s thought went through the events of remembering you and sighing without knowing herself. Every time a toddler runs past Mummy remembers you. You should’ve been running round just like that. Maybe not. We didn’t know how much the brain damage was going to affect you. Your brother still as always puts his sweeties infront of your photo. The other day we were in a shop and he

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Family Law

Can I tell you something?” Tom asked Lena, playing with her long black hair. Lena turned to him and sensed it was something important, ready for this big thing Tom was about to say. “While you were away for work I wrote a letter to my mum about us. I said you were very kind, clever and we were in love.” Tom paused. Lena didn’t expect anything big from their relationship, she only wanted to have fun and they fitted so well together. Tom continued: “I mentioned that you had a one year old son.” “And? Did you hear back

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If Pigs Could Fly!

‘Willie, can you come here, please?’ called this woman across the hotel reception area where I worked. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I quickly ran into the tiny staff room. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know where to look. I hoped nobody heard that. What did she just say?!! She said ‘Willy’ the rude word! I was giggling inside, almost burst into laughing. Who would’ve thought my son would be called Billy another version of William then. That was eight years ago. Like that, my stories of adjusting to British culture continues.  Once I was offended by

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Diary Entry – 2012 A New Year

      Hallo Billy Buuz Christmas and New Year time is almost over. We have been visiting friends and having people round. We had a quiet Christmas day. Just the five of us. Your sisters, brother, Daddy and Mummy. Daddy got you all your advent calendars. Yours was the one with reindeers and Santa. Ella’s was the one with Peppa Pig. Your brother was good at making sure he shared yours. He would put some of his and yours in front of your photo and then he would eat them. So you had a row of chocolates of different shapes and

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