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Another Award!

Yes, I ‘met’ some wonderful people online through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. I apologise to Guilie who gave me this fantastic award for my blog. It has been a few months since I was given the award. I went to Mongolia and just back. I want to say thank you to Guilie for the award. So. Kreativ Blogger award. There are rules. The first, most important, is to thank my awarders and link to them. Then I must answer these ten questions: What’s your favorite song? Oh there are so many. It depends on many things, mainly time. If I

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The Creative Woman of the Year Award!

Last weekend I went to London, so excited to see the Mongolian singer Jargalsaihan’s concert. Well, ok I admit it I was excited because I was nominated for an award – Woman of the Year 2012 for Mongolians in Europe. This was the awards ceremony in Copthorne Hotel in Kensington I was going to. A few weeks earlier I had received a phone call from David Scott, the Honorary Consul for Mongolia in Scotland. He informed me about the awards ceremony and said he was going to nominate me for an award. I felt honoured. Yes, I was touched that

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V and W ~ Vest versus Waistcoat

Oh my word! I mean literally, oh my words! I started learning English more than a decade ago and still I can not tell the difference between a vest and a waistcoat. Every time I use one of these words I have to think and end up saying both of them. Do you have words like these? Please leave a comment and reassure me that I’m not the only one. Thank you.      

T is for Tetris

  Do you remember Tetris? Have you ever played it? I do and I did. My dad brought a handset for us and we played with it a lot, in fact we were addicted to it. My parents were addicted to it too. My mum used to say: – Come on, who fancies a game of Tetris? The person who loses will milk the cows. Tetris was probably the first computer game I’ve ever played and it was late 80’s then. Apparently it was created by a Russian guy called Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov in 1984. Well, he certainly provided us

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P is for Presents

Today is one of my son’s birthday. Presents called him out of bed early in the morning before his baby sister who wakes up well before him. He rushed us to open his presents and he was chuffed to see his ‘surprises.’ Well, he asked for Cars 2 DVD though we didn’t get it until 8 o’clock last night. So instead of going to my writing club I drove round nearby towns searching for the DVD in supermarket shelves.  After three supermarkets I finally found the DVD. I kissed it. I did. I know I’m sad, but I’m his mummy.

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