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Another Award!

Yes, I ‘met’ some wonderful people online through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. I apologise to Guilie who gave me this fantastic award for my blog. It has been a few months since I was given the award. I went to Mongolia and just back. I want to say thank you to Guilie for the award. So. Kreativ Blogger award. There are rules. The first, most important, is to thank my awarders and link to them. Then I must answer these ten questions: What’s your favorite song? Oh there are so many. It depends on many things, mainly time. If I

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Z is for Zavhan

Zavhan is my home province in Mongolia. It is a bit bigger than countries like Scotland and Austria and it is in the western part of Mongolia. My childhood was spent in these mountains and deserts, riding horses and milking cows, goats and sheep. My book Mongol covers my childhood and it was lovely to remember this picturesque landscape.

Diary entry: How do you cope?

Hallo Billy. Mummy started this blog post a while ago and keeps coming back and then something happens and not finishing it. How do you cope? How do you get up in the morning? These are the questions we are asked a lot. Mummy and Daddy have to get on with our lives and look after your siblings. We don’t want your brother and sisters to remember sad childhood. We know they always remember you and talk about you, we will never forget about you. At the same time, we want them to enjoy their childhood just like other kids.

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Letters from Patna Primary school

When I was feeding my baby girl I heard this thump in the hall. That was the postman delivering the post. I opened this heavy brown envelope addressed to me in a hurry. ‘Dear Mrs Ramsay I am writing to thank you for coming to our school and giving us a taste of Mongolian life…’ continued the letters. They were the most sincerely written letters I had ever read. I could tell they made huge effort in writing them. I was touched. They made me smile, laugh and almost cry. I could not believe how much they learnt from my

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9 Fun Facts Growing up in a Ger

Does happiness depend on how many rooms or how much you have? When I say I grew up in a ger some people think poverty. Well, I never starved of love. Here are the fun facts growing up in a ger: You never feel alone You are always in the same house wherever you move house There is no bed time different from adults You can see the stars through the window on top Everyone eats together facing each other because of the round shape In the summer, you can ‘see through’ the wall once the felt covers lifted up

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