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X and Y

I’m just back from a funeral of a kind man we knew. He used to work at a garage next door from us and I would walk there with our oldest son who just started walking then. He played with our son, snowball fights in winter, water fights in the summer, measuring our son’s heights, letting our son play with his super shiny bikes and helped us do many things from carrying furniture to pumping up our kids’ water pool. Sadly he passed away very suddenly a few days ago. I find comfort in knowing that he would be with

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L is for Loss

My first diary entry after Billy passed away. 17 March 2010. Three weeks ago we buried you my baby. You were only three months old. I can not believe how short time we had you yet it felt a very long time. Perhaps it was very painful for you and for us. Mummy feels comfort in believing that you are now in a pure place where there is no pain and suffering. Oh baby, mummy had such a wonderful but so challenging time when you were here. From the moment you were born, life seemed not fair and it was

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Diary Entry -Emptiness

Hallo Billy. Mummy sat here for a while for the first time not sure how to start the blog post. It feels like writing a poem, perhaps in Mongolian, maybe in English. Mummy’s thought went through the events of remembering you and sighing without knowing herself. Every time a toddler runs past Mummy remembers you. You should’ve been running round just like that. Maybe not. We didn’t know how much the brain damage was going to affect you. Your brother still as always puts his sweeties infront of your photo. The other day we were in a shop and he

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Diary Entry – 2012 A New Year

      Hallo Billy Buuz Christmas and New Year time is almost over. We have been visiting friends and having people round. We had a quiet Christmas day. Just the five of us. Your sisters, brother, Daddy and Mummy. Daddy got you all your advent calendars. Yours was the one with reindeers and Santa. Ella’s was the one with Peppa Pig. Your brother was good at making sure he shared yours. He would put some of his and yours in front of your photo and then he would eat them. So you had a row of chocolates of different shapes and

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To Billy

You are my baby boy, my beautiful baby boy Billy’s forget me not flower Why was your visit so short? Was it the water that washed your golden hair? Was it the wind blew on your perfect face? Why was your visit so short? Was it the timing you were born? Was it the tantrums you saw in life? Why was your visit so short? Did you have a mission to complete? Did you have a message to deliver? Why was your visit so short? Do you know Mummy sang to you holding your hand? Do you know Daddy sat

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