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X and Y

I’m just back from a funeral of a kind man we knew. He used to work at a garage next door from us and I would walk there with our oldest son who just started walking then. He played with our son, snowball fights in winter, water fights in the summer, measuring our son’s heights, letting our son play with his super shiny bikes and helped us do many things from carrying furniture to pumping up our kids’ water pool. Sadly he passed away very suddenly a few days ago. I find comfort in knowing that he would be with

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L is for Loss

My first diary entry after Billy passed away. 17 March 2010. Three weeks ago we buried you my baby. You were only three months old. I can not believe how short time we had you yet it felt a very long time. Perhaps it was very painful for you and for us. Mummy feels comfort in believing that you are now in a pure place where there is no pain and suffering. Oh baby, mummy had such a wonderful but so challenging time when you were here. From the moment you were born, life seemed not fair and it was

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E is for English Language

English tickles my tongue to dance English encourages me to think different English tests my ability to adapt English helped me to find my life time love English empties my crying well missing my son English tears me apart because I understand English teases me to say how I feel English enables me to find the voice of freedom English is my permission to challenge ignorance English is my voice to address the world I have a dream…    

Diary entry: How do you cope?

Hallo Billy. Mummy started this blog post a while ago and keeps coming back and then something happens and not finishing it. How do you cope? How do you get up in the morning? These are the questions we are asked a lot. Mummy and Daddy have to get on with our lives and look after your siblings. We don’t want your brother and sisters to remember sad childhood. We know they always remember you and talk about you, we will never forget about you. At the same time, we want them to enjoy their childhood just like other kids.

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Busy bee

or Twitter shall I say? Well well Billy. You don’t believe how Mummy is addicted to Twitter. Your Daddy is feeling a bit left out. He does support Mummy a lot. Mummy is lucky. Your sister turned 13 last week and we had 5 of her friends came for a sleepover. They had fun. It’s so good to see your sister has many friends. Your big brother is well, he is enjoying school. Although he loves playing on the new PC we have now. Not only him, Mummy is on it quite a bit too. Saying that Ella is still

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