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Z is for Zavhan

Zavhan is my home province in Mongolia. It is a bit bigger than countries like Scotland and Austria and it is in the western part of Mongolia. My childhood was spent in these mountains and deserts, riding horses and milking cows, goats and sheep. My book Mongol covers my childhood and it was lovely to remember this picturesque landscape.

U is for Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar (Red hero) is the capital city of Mongolia. In English it is written as Ulan-bator. It is the largest city in Mongolia with over one million (2008) people. In Britain, people seem to know it from mostly pub quizzes and Discovery channels. I went to university in Ulaanbaatar. I was a country bumpkin with long plaits when I started and Ulaanbaatar was this massive city where I struggled to find my ways. This video shows you an idea of where Ulaanbaatar is and what it looks like. Have you heard of Ulaanbaatar? Or have you been to Ulaanbaatar? If

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D is for Duu

Duu can be Дуу (song) or Дүү (younger sibling) in Mongolian. My sister Tseye I chose this word because I miss my only sister Tseye. She lives in Mongolia. She really wanted to be here when our son Billy passed away. She misses me and listens to this song ‘Ijiin Entei egch’ in Mongolian. I’ll translate the lyrics here and hope you enjoy listening to the song. Sister like Mother However my coat is soaked Hardly it can wash my mum’s scent Caravans of camels passing by Can not persuade my sister to move away How strong my sister Hardly

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Mummy, please don’t play that song

‘Mummy, please don’t play that song. It reminds me of my grandma and grandpa in Mongolia.’ said my daughter a few years ago. ‘I miss them.’ she continued. Who would’ve thought she felt the same way as me. I never thought of her missing my parents. I realised I avoided those songs, too. Leaving your parents and loved ones, going to the other side of the world is not easy. I guess everyone has a different reason to go and travel, and settle elsewhere. It was very hard to be in touch with my parents then. No mobile phones or

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The Secret Language of Silence

As I mentioned in my previous post I am addicted to Twitter. I didn’t realise how much there is going on in the world and Twitter is my personalised window onto the world. So today @TrishaNicholson, one of my Twitter ‘tweeps’ as she calls everybody tweeted an article called An Infinite Noise by Daisy Hickman who writes on the Sunny Room Studio. This article was about silence… and it inspired me to write my own post on it … ‘What do you miss about Mongolia?’ asked my English teacher. After a few minutes of thinking ‘The silence’ I answered. That

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