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D is for Duu

Duu can be Дуу (song) or Дүү (younger sibling) in Mongolian. My sister Tseye I chose this word because I miss my only sister Tseye. She lives in Mongolia. She really wanted to be here when our son Billy passed away. She misses me and listens to this song ‘Ijiin Entei egch’ in Mongolian. I’ll translate the lyrics here and hope you enjoy listening to the song. Sister like Mother However my coat is soaked Hardly it can wash my mum’s scent Caravans of camels passing by Can not persuade my sister to move away How strong my sister Hardly

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C is for Clouds

Silver coloured clouds shimmering in the sky Secret held hearts floating with hope Silk wearing snakes dancing with dragons Cigar holding cowboys sipping their pints Sword spinning ninjas shaping their art Saucy little madams shaking their hips Metal birds flying past the party Melting love torn apart sadly Misty clouds flirting with hearts  

Mother’s Day

  My little boy wonders whether I am asleep I’m not sure if I should open my eyes But when I start to open them, He thinks I’m waking up. I lay in bed. His careful steps get closer I pretend. ‘Mummy, do you want to open your card?’ he whispers. That’s me. I see my son standing there, smiling Before I say anything, his little feet couldn’t wait longer He ran to his big sister to announce ‘Mummy is awake.’ They walk into the room Their Daddy follows, with their baby sister in his arms And to Mum, the

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Diary entry: How do you cope?

Hallo Billy. Mummy started this blog post a while ago and keeps coming back and then something happens and not finishing it. How do you cope? How do you get up in the morning? These are the questions we are asked a lot. Mummy and Daddy have to get on with our lives and look after your siblings. We don’t want your brother and sisters to remember sad childhood. We know they always remember you and talk about you, we will never forget about you. At the same time, we want them to enjoy their childhood just like other kids.

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Why I write in English

why do you write in English? if I write in my mother tongue, my mother will read it if she reads my pain you know how mother’s love is her heart will ache it’s simple, I love her dearly why do you write in English? if I write in my native tongue, my father will read it if he reads my pain you know how father’s love is he might cry and cry it’s simple, I can’t let him cry   Read my blog for my son Billy here.

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