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K is for Keep Kind Karma

I asked my kids what to write on letter K. They said: Karma and Kind. So what is Karma? It is widely understood as cause and effect. Do I believe in Karma? I did. I thought If I’m kind and considerate life will treat me alright. However, I’m not sure anymore. We lost our baby son Billy. Was it Karma?   What do you think? Do you believe in Karma?    

Mother’s Day

  My little boy wonders whether I am asleep I’m not sure if I should open my eyes But when I start to open them, He thinks I’m waking up. I lay in bed. His careful steps get closer I pretend. ‘Mummy, do you want to open your card?’ he whispers. That’s me. I see my son standing there, smiling Before I say anything, his little feet couldn’t wait longer He ran to his big sister to announce ‘Mummy is awake.’ They walk into the room Their Daddy follows, with their baby sister in his arms And to Mum, the

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Why I write in English

why do you write in English? if I write in my mother tongue, my mother will read it if she reads my pain you know how mother’s love is her heart will ache it’s simple, I love her dearly why do you write in English? if I write in my native tongue, my father will read it if he reads my pain you know how father’s love is he might cry and cry it’s simple, I can’t let him cry   Read my blog for my son Billy here.

Diary Entry – 2012 A New Year

      Hallo Billy Buuz Christmas and New Year time is almost over. We have been visiting friends and having people round. We had a quiet Christmas day. Just the five of us. Your sisters, brother, Daddy and Mummy. Daddy got you all your advent calendars. Yours was the one with reindeers and Santa. Ella’s was the one with Peppa Pig. Your brother was good at making sure he shared yours. He would put some of his and yours in front of your photo and then he would eat them. So you had a row of chocolates of different shapes and

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As part of the Edinburgh Book Festival, people were invited to write stories in one Tweet on Twitter. Here is one of mine: Grief chased me furiously ‘Give in’ it commanded me ‘God, help me’ I whispered God was elsewhere Grief snatched my baby boy

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