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Mongol we pride ourselves in Mongolia Mongo they laugh at each other in Britain Mothers cuddling their babies round the world Fathers cursing the ignorant and Trisomy 21   Mongol, Down called his observation in 1860’s More stupid than us, he clarified The world followed him, calling babies Mongols They knew none of it in Mongolia   Civilization is not a right to call names Civilization is not a permission to bully Developed, they say Did they, really?                

M is for Mongol

You can call me Mongol Because I am. But please don’t call someone with Down’s Syndrome ‘Mongol’ or ‘Mongo.’ You will hurt not only me but many ‘Billy’ we called our little boy when he was born ‘Buuz’ we named him when he came home Our baby was a Mongol not because he had Down’s Syndrome Only because his mummy is Mongolian You can call me Mongol Because I am. But please don’t call someone with Down’s Syndrome ‘Mongol’ or ‘Mongo.’ You will hurt not only me but many ‘Mong’, clowns joke on TV, ‘Mongo’, school kids call each other

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I is for Idioms

Idioms. Metaphors. Phrasal verbs. I love them. I find it so fascinating why languages have different idioms for the same ideas and expressions. (English) = (Mongolian) chalk and cheese  = a camel and a goat no room to swing a cat = no room to turn your bottom out of the blue = out of the sky over my dead body = when the sun rises in the west and dogs grow flowers on their tails   I like body parts and colours used for different meanings, too.   to learn by heart = to learn by chest to keep

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F is for Finds

  I often wonder if life is about finding. Starting from choosing our names to finding the right school, perfect home, dream job and our partner to spend the rest of our lives. The list goes on and on and on. Today, my husband spent the afternoon hunting for odd objects in shop windows in our town with our six-year-old son. Every Easter, the town organises this for children. My husband told me that this old woman stopped and chatted to him and my son. She said ‘They are STILL not doing the Easter hunt, are they?! I remember doing

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The mystery and magic of the ger*

ger*- is a Mongolian round house known as yurt in the West The Edinburgh Festival. The Edinburgh Book Festival to be more specific. The book lovers wandering about, secretly eyeing everyone’s bag, checking who has which books by whom. The writers competing secretly about who has the longest queue for their book signing… Amongst all these a ger stands enjoying the discussions of these smart people, adding a magical touch into the atmosphere. Nicola Morgan, a well-known writer of over 90 books wrote a piece about the Edinburgh festival yurt in The Guardian.  She talked about the yurt goes to

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