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Another Award!

Yes, I ‘met’ some wonderful people online through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. I apologise to Guilie who gave me this fantastic award for my blog. It has been a few months since I was given the award. I went to Mongolia and just back. I want to say thank you to Guilie for the award. So. Kreativ Blogger award. There are rules. The first, most important, is to thank my awarders and link to them. Then I must answer these ten questions: What’s your favorite song? Oh there are so many. It depends on many things, mainly time. If I

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J is for Jokes

Are you ready? Are you ready? I am about to tell you a joke! This is a very common introduction to jokes in many countries. However, in Britain I find jokes have pretty sharp and sudden punch lines. I remember coming here for the first time and the jokes went straight over my head and I felt pretty dumb. A decade later, finally (well most) I get them. But today,  I’ll share with you my comedy monologue based on language, culture and pronunciation. Mongolians, including myself find some sounds hard to pronounce in English. A Job Interview on Skype ON

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I is for Idioms

Idioms. Metaphors. Phrasal verbs. I love them. I find it so fascinating why languages have different idioms for the same ideas and expressions. (English) = (Mongolian) chalk and cheese  = a camel and a goat no room to swing a cat = no room to turn your bottom out of the blue = out of the sky over my dead body = when the sun rises in the west and dogs grow flowers on their tails   I like body parts and colours used for different meanings, too.   to learn by heart = to learn by chest to keep

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E is for English Language

English tickles my tongue to dance English encourages me to think different English tests my ability to adapt English helped me to find my life time love English empties my crying well missing my son English tears me apart because I understand English teases me to say how I feel English enables me to find the voice of freedom English is my permission to challenge ignorance English is my voice to address the world I have a dream…    

A Job Interview on Skype

  Can you hear me? IN THE DINING ROOM, ON PC TALKING TO A WEBCAM Sod:    Hello? Hello? Hello? Hellooooo? (Checks her top and hair in the camera) Now, I shouldn’t mix my P and F. … P…P…P…F…F…F Oh hi, hi, hi. Aye, my name is Sod. …  That’s  “S…O… D”.  …  Well, it’s quite usual where I come from!! (listens for a few seconds) You can’t see me? Oh, bugger, the camera not working then. Och, you want me to tell you about myself? Oh no! …. Well, I was born in … 1973 as the 10th child

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