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I is for Idioms

Idioms. Metaphors. Phrasal verbs. I love them. I find it so fascinating why languages have different idioms for the same ideas and expressions. (English) = (Mongolian) chalk and cheese  = a camel and a goat no room to swing a cat = no room to turn your bottom out of the blue = out of the sky over my dead body = when the sun rises in the west and dogs grow flowers on their tails   I like body parts and colours used for different meanings, too.   to learn by heart = to learn by chest to keep

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Diary Entry -Emptiness

Hallo Billy. Mummy sat here for a while for the first time not sure how to start the blog post. It feels like writing a poem, perhaps in Mongolian, maybe in English. Mummy’s thought went through the events of remembering you and sighing without knowing herself. Every time a toddler runs past Mummy remembers you. You should’ve been running round just like that. Maybe not. We didn’t know how much the brain damage was going to affect you. Your brother still as always puts his sweeties infront of your photo. The other day we were in a shop and he

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If Pigs Could Fly!

‘Willie, can you come here, please?’ called this woman across the hotel reception area where I worked. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I quickly ran into the tiny staff room. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know where to look. I hoped nobody heard that. What did she just say?!! She said ‘Willy’ the rude word! I was giggling inside, almost burst into laughing. Who would’ve thought my son would be called Billy another version of William then. That was eight years ago. Like that, my stories of adjusting to British culture continues.  Once I was offended by

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Letters from Patna Primary school

When I was feeding my baby girl I heard this thump in the hall. That was the postman delivering the post. I opened this heavy brown envelope addressed to me in a hurry. ‘Dear Mrs Ramsay I am writing to thank you for coming to our school and giving us a taste of Mongolian life…’ continued the letters. They were the most sincerely written letters I had ever read. I could tell they made huge effort in writing them. I was touched. They made me smile, laugh and almost cry. I could not believe how much they learnt from my

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Did you know…

*Gobi means desert *The word ‘yurt’ is a Russian word. In Mongolia it’s called a ‘ger’ *Dalai means ocean, sea, universal *The title Dalai was given to Dalai Lama by a Mongolian king in 16th century

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